Services Provided

Robert Hendrie Computers is a specialist computer supply and support company.

Unlike most computer retailers, Robert Hendrie Computers has no shop front. Our simple business strategy assists us to position ourselves for a niche market of clients who require a full service supplier geared to assisting them on site wherever that may be. We run a small fleet of vehicles, and has a staff of technicians with a broad range of experience and are available to attend clients on-site and assist them in whatever way they require. Patient understanding technicians, helping your business grow by getting your I.T right. We provide component sales and quality service with the best advice in town. Our clients are spread across the Southern Highlands and Australia.

If you have a special requirement we should be able to help.

Commercial in Confidence and privacy is one of the hall marks of our business. As a long term provider of IT Solutions with an electronics background, we have composed many insurance letter for reports of damage due to lighting, power problems and flooding. please call and arrange an inspection, quotation for repair and insurance report.

We can provide

Hardware repairs and software installations, networking

peripherals device driver installation and VOIP (voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions

virus removal and recovery, data backup and restoration

media conversion including video and audio

graphic solutions for templates, forms and web design

CPU Chips open hard drive

Point Of Sale solutions and networking

Broadband installations, fault finding and networking.

network connection

We also have the abilities to provide training in The following:

All Windows operating systems, and applications including office and email programs

Apple operating systems, and applications

Linux operation and systems integration.

windows apple linux

database solutions can be supplied and customised to your requirements