Our main form of work is for the commercial sector, however we support the mum and dad community around the southern highlands with all of their needs; however, the best and most challenging sector of the IT business is the commercial installations. We provide equipment, installation and support for wide variety of Point Of Sale (POS) systems ie ARMS, focus edge, PARS, SBS, Retail Manager, Custom Soft, and Simple POS just to name a few. All of these pos systems have support contract with their supplier, however many do not cover hardware issues and local enviromental problems ie power or networking. This leaves shop owners to fend for themselves, that is were we can provide help.

Our client base for commercial work ranges from vets to doctor’s clinics, pharmacies to stationery stores and a whole lot in between. We provide data backup and restoration; help desk solutions for small problems and all our clients’ requirements. We can install security monitoring cameras and DVR equipment along with remote access to this data for offsite viewing or backup. We can install network VPN and remote desktop solutions to allow clients to work remotely.

We provide timely callouts for commercial clients and are able to work out of hours to accommodate their requirements to run their business.

Our latest area in development is in VOIP systems and we are currently trailing several systems for later use for our clients. We are working with CISCO system as a small business partner. To find solutions for our clients needs.

Some of our Networks

We provide computer support both hardware or software related and network installations for a wide range of operating systems including all windows previous operating systems, windows XP home and professional, SBS server 2003 and 2008, windows 7, vista, Apple Macs computers OS 9 and above and Linux based systems.

We have networked a CNC Mori Seki live tooling Lathe to a windows xp pro computer to allow the backup and storage of CNC files and allow real time communications between the computer and the lathe operator.

cnc lath Clint at work eklin system Eklin Digital X Ray equipment

Our network for the EKLIN Digital X ray equipment has been working for many years and has been upgraded many times to keep pace with the replacements EKLIN systems. The network is to allow the storage of the large data files in a central location for later analysis. Information can be stored in the EKLIN system or laptops in the field and moved to a large data storage server for backup and presentation.

Other storage solutions that we have installed included a Seagate black Armor NAS 440 Network storage server. The 8 TB servers were installed into a apple 1 gigabyte based network with internet access as a media storage. However to make the network interesting the remainder of the office was running a SBS server 2003 and windows platforms. The end result was a apple 1gb network with a shared server to the windows workstations to allow data transfer.

seagate nas

Wireless networking broadband routers and printers are simple and every house or business should look at the benefits. We have networked wireless system over several hundred meters between buildings without problems and as the technology is getting better all the time we can achieve better results.