Tips and tricks

The background for the Tips and tricks page comes from many hours of our clients having the same problems. We solve many problems for our clients over the phone, however some times it would be good to have it written down just to help.

You’re Computer and the elements

All Computers, laptops and Ipads must at some point connect to the real world via power or wireless network. Some systems may also have a physical connection to the internet. Many people do not think that power problems or damage to the phone system will cause their computers problems; however most of the physical damage to computer system is via the mains power. All systems should have protection from damage from the mains via a surge protected power board at the very least. Business people may need greater protection and should employ Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). They are a battery backup power supply that takes the main power to charge a battery system. The battery power is then used to make the mains supply for the electronics it protects. When mains power fails the UPS will supply power for a given time to allow the system to be shutdown with due care. We know first hand that they work when our house was hit by lightning. It broke several roof tiles burn out over 3 m of power cable in the roof set fire to the possum and blew up our UPS. The 6 computer attached to the UPS still worked fine, however the UPS was a molten mess. The UPS cost about $350.00 the systems it saved about $7300.00 a good deal in my books.
If you require advice about any UPS or surge protection just email us

Wireless networks are great and everyone set them up and walks away people forget that they send and receive data via radio waves. When we have storms please remove all power from your wireless equipment or it will be damaged. You may get away with the first storms; however the wireless equipment will suffer damage. People will notice that it takes longer to get on the network or that the internet is slower. The best advice is to always turn off and remove power from all wireless devices when not in use.

Antivirus programs and your computer

We always use trend micro antivirus software as we have found it to be the best value for money. Mac users who use Microsoft software on their systems are open to virus problems Trend now have a product that works on Mac Systems. We are more than happy to install new or upgrade your current antivirus software email us for a quotation

Backup your data
The only valuable thing on your computer is your data. If you have a backup of your data you can go to any computer and still work with your data. If your data is lost then most times it is gone forever, unless you pay mega dollars to have it recovered. Prevention is better than cure. Always backup your data to more than one place put it on a thumb drive, an external HDD or to DVD. Please note that DVD backup is only a short term solution as they only have a short shelf life. We would be more that happy to help setup your backup solutions just email us